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Historic Brockton Avenue Mural at 6773 Brockton Avenue Riverside CA
Renees Artique Neon Sign with address and phone number

Here's a picture of our model for the mural on the side of our building designed and painted by the famous mural artist, Christine Curry Coates!  Jacob is being held by his grandfather...who is not in the mural.  We are so fortunate

to have her original art, which is quickly becoming a landmark in the Brockton Business Area.  :-)

New ...Engraving on wood, glass or stone....

Local Gift Shop Photo Restoration printing

Art Store Hours:  Tuesday - Friday 10 - 4.  

Saturday 10 - 2.  Closed Sundays and Mondays

Parking lot on right side when facing building.  

Nearest Cross Street Nelson

Right next to McNair's Auto Repair

Thank you for visiting Renee's ARTique !

​Where your ART starts!

mural painted on side of Renees Artique Building

Art Gallery - Fine Art and Home Decor for Sale,

Riverside "Souvenirs" , Raincrosses,

Unique Gifts, Personalized Items,

-PHOTO RESTORATION - Update an old Photo-

Personalized Printing on Metal, Slate, Glass, Porcelain, Wood, Canvas...

New:   Wood Engraving

Crystals and Minerals...

Raincross, Steampunk, Traditional and Upcycled  Jewelry  and more...